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Need A Professional Maternity Photographer In Asheville?

Looking for the best Asheville maternity photographer? Briana Autran specializes in capturing the unique beauty of expectant mothers.

During this extraordinary time, you deserve to feel truly special and celebrated. Briana Autran is passionate about creating an empowering experience, showcasing the love and joy that fill your heart. Our goal is to provide you with stunning images that beautifully capture the essence of your pregnancy.

Experience a comfortable and empowering maternity session, where we craft a visual narrative that tells your story. With personalized care and attention to detail, we ensure your session is filled with joy and happiness.

Book your Asheville maternity photography session with Briana Autran today and let us create lasting memories that showcase the beauty of this remarkable chapter in your life. Call (989) 225-9930 to schedule your session.

Briana’s Maternity Photography Style

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of light and composition, Briana is shockingly good at capturing the beauty of pregnancy.

Her approach is rooted in authenticity. Each photograph tells a story, reflecting the unique beauty and radiance of every expectant mother. Briana’s goal is to create images that evoke a sense of joy, love, and anticipation.

Through her lens, she skillfully captures the softness of natural light, the delicate curves of the baby bump, and the tender interactions between partners. Her compositions are thoughtfully composed, showcasing the beauty of the surroundings while ensuring the focus remains on the expectant mother.

Below you’ll see some of Briana’s favorite pictures from past maternity shoots. These images demonstrate her ability to create a visual narrative that celebrates the journey of pregnancy.

By choosing Briana Autran as your maternity photographer, you can trust that your unique beauty will be expertly captured, resulting in breathtaking images that will be cherished for a lifetime. Experience the magic of Briana’s maternity photography style and let her transform your pregnancy journey into a work of art.

Maternity Photography Packages

Briana Autran offers a range of thoughtfully crafted maternity photography packages designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of expecting families. Each package includes a personalized experience, capturing the beauty and emotions of this special time in your life.

Capturing The Unique Beauty Of Motherhood

Choose one of Briana Autran’s maternity photography packages to embark on a memorable journey that celebrates the unique beauty of your pregnancy. These packages provide the perfect opportunity to create timeless and cherished memories with your loved ones. 

Package One ($1,600)

Experience a comprehensive 2+ hour session that allows ample time for you to feel comfortable and express your authentic self. With unlimited outfit options, you can showcase various styles and looks. Briana will assist you in selecting the perfect location and provide guidance throughout the session. This package also includes 150+ fully retouched, high-resolution images that beautifully capture the essence of your pregnancy. You will receive a print release, enabling you to print and share your cherished memories. As a bonus, you’ll receive a stunning hardcover photobook, a timeless keepsake for you and your family.

Package Two ($1,100)

Ideal for those seeking a slightly shorter session, Package Two offers a 2-hour experience with up to 2 outfit changes. Briana will guide you in selecting the best location that complements your vision. With expert outfit styling assistance, you’ll feel confident and radiant during the session. This package includes 100 fully retouched, high-resolution images that preserve the magic of your pregnancy journey. You’ll also receive a print release and a $100 print credit to bring your favorite images to life. It’s a perfect choice for families who desire a balance between a shorter session and high-quality images and prints.

Package Three ($800)

For those seeking a quick and efficient session without compromising on the beauty and quality of the images, Package Three is an excellent choice. Enjoy a 1-hour session with one carefully curated outfit. Briana will assist you in selecting a location that complements your desired style and atmosphere. With 75+ fully retouched, high-resolution images, this package ensures you have a collection of stunning photographs that capture the essence of your maternity journey.

Included In All Packages

With every maternity photography package, you can expect exceptional service and attention to detail. Briana Autran goes above and beyond to ensure your experience is stress-free and enjoyable. She will take care of location planning, guiding you to picturesque settings that enhance the beauty of your photographs.

Wardrobe assistance is also provided, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable in your chosen outfits.

After the session, you can look forward to receiving your final images within 4-6 weeks. They will be presented in a convenient online gallery, allowing you to easily view, share, and download your precious memories.

Preparing For Your Maternity Photography Session

To ensure that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience, it’s important to be well-prepared. Here’s what you can expect and how you can get the best results when hiring a maternity photographer:

Pre-Session Consultation

Prior to your session, Briana will schedule a consultation to discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific ideas you may have. This allows her to tailor the session to your unique style and capture the essence of your pregnancy journey.

What To Expect

During the session, Briana will create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where you can truly shine. She will guide you through poses and movements that highlight your natural beauty and the bond between you and your baby. Expect a blend of candid and gently directed shots that capture genuine emotions and intimate moments.

Wardrobe Selection

Choosing the right attire plays a significant role in capturing stunning maternity photographs. Briana will provide wardrobe assistance, helping you select outfits that complement your style and flatter your silhouette. She will offer guidance on colors, textures, and styles that work well in different settings, ensuring that you feel confident and beautiful.

Maximizing The Session

To make the most out of your maternity photography session, consider the following tips:

  • Stay hydrated and well-rested before the session to look and feel your best.
  • Bring any sentimental items or props that you would like to incorporate into the shoot.
  • Consider incorporating meaningful locations or backdrops that hold significance to you and your journey.
  • If you have any specific poses or ideas in mind, communicate them with Briana during the consultation to ensure they are captured.

By following these guidelines and embracing the experience, you’ll create a memorable and magical session that beautifully portrays this remarkable chapter in your life.

During Your Maternity Photography Session

Briana Autran understands the importance of creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during your maternity photography session. She is dedicated to capturing the essence of your journey and creating timeless memories. Here’s what you can expect during your session:

Comfort And Enjoyment

Briana’s warm and friendly approach will immediately put you at ease. She believes in fostering a relaxed environment where you can be yourself and embrace the joy and excitement of this special time. By creating a connection with you, Briana ensures that the session flows naturally and authentically.

Session Details And Expectations

Your maternity photography session will be tailored to your preferences and vision. Briana will guide you through the process, providing gentle direction and suggestions while encouraging spontaneous moments. She pays attention to every detail, from lighting to composition, to create visually stunning images that reflect your unique story.

Poses And Unique Shots

Briana’s expertise lies in capturing a wide range of poses and creating innovative shots that highlight the beauty of your pregnancy. Whether it’s a serene silhouette against a breathtaking backdrop or an intimate moment shared with your partner, Briana will artistically compose each frame to evoke emotion and beauty.

Capturing Emotions And Feelings

Beyond capturing the physical aspects of your pregnancy, Briana strives to encapsulate the emotions and feelings that accompany this extraordinary journey. Her keen eye and sensitivity allow her to document the love, joy, and anticipation that radiate from within, resulting in photographs that truly reflect your innermost emotions.

With Briana’s guidance and artistic vision, your maternity photography session will be a delightful experience filled with genuine moments and cherished memories.

After Your Maternity Photography Session

Once your maternity photography session with Briana Autran is complete, she will begin the process of selecting and editing the best images to ensure they reflect the beauty and emotion of this special time. Here’s what you can expect after your session:

Image Selection And Editing Process

Briana will meticulously review and curate the photographs captured during your session. She will carefully enhance each image to bring out its full potential, paying attention to color correction, lighting, and overall composition. Her artistic editing style ensures that the final images reflect her unique vision while staying true to the natural beauty of the moment.

Timeframe For Receiving Images

Briana understands that you’re eager to see the final results. Within 4-6 weeks of your session, she will complete the editing process and prepare your images for delivery. This timeframe allows her to give each image the attention it deserves and ensures that the final results surpass your expectations.

Image Delivery And Format

Your fully edited, high-resolution images will be delivered to you through a convenient online gallery. This gallery provides a secure and user-friendly platform where you can view, share, and download your photographs at your convenience. The digital format allows you to preserve your images for a lifetime and easily access them for printing or sharing with your loved ones.

Additional Options For Printing And Framing

In addition to digital images, Briana offers a range of printing options to transform your favorite photographs into tangible keepsakes. Whether you prefer fine art prints, canvas wraps, or custom-framed prints, she can assist you in selecting the perfect presentation to showcase your cherished memories.

Sharing Images With Family And Friends

Briana believes that your beautiful maternity photographs deserve to be shared and celebrated with your loved ones. The online gallery provides a seamless way to share the images directly with family and friends. You can simply send them the gallery link, allowing them to view and download the images or order prints for themselves.

Briana Autran ensures that the journey doesn’t end with the maternity photography session. She is committed to providing a comprehensive and satisfying experience, from capturing the images to delivering them in a format that allows you to relive the joy and excitement of this special time.

On Display Now

Asheville Maternity Photography: Looking For Some Inspiration?

Want to get a better sense of what this Asheville maternity photographer can do? Take a peek at some of Briana Autran’s favorite maternity photos.

Browse through the gallery to get an idea of the types of shots, locations, and styles you can expect from Briana’s maternity photoshoots.

What Past Maternity Clients Have To Say About Briana

Read some testimonials from past clients who have experienced Briana’s talent and professionalism, and discover why they highly recommend her for maternity photoshoots.

“My husband and I were thrilled to work with Briana for our Engagement and Wedding photos. Briana instantly made us feel comfortable during our engagement photo shoot, and brought tons of amazing ideas for unique and creative poses that would best highlight us and our connection in the beautiful natural surroundings. Additionally, Briana is probably the best person on Earth to have around you during your Wedding Day. She has an amazing calming presence and truly helped both of us feel at ease, centered, and able to focus on the special moments! Like me, Briana appreciates the details, and was wonderful and receptive to all the little things I wanted to capture. Working with her was a breeze and she was timely and responsive to all our many emails. She also is adventurous, creative, and was able to adapt to a venue change on the day of our wedding due to rain! I cannot thank her enough for her time and efforts, not to mention her incredible talent and skill. I truly believe her work is something special, and all our family and friends have been blown away by the beauty of the photos. I would recommend her as highly as possible, and we cannot wait to work with her again in the future to capture more of the special milestones of our relationship!?

-Claire I.

“Nathan and I could not have been more thrilled with our wedding photography. Briana was organized, professional, experienced, and so much fun to be around. She helped us clearly communicate the vision for our wedding, and she perfectly executed that plan. Briana was so on board for the changes in our plans due to Covid-19 and went out of her way to make sure our day went smoothly. She shared our love for being outside and was eager to hike for engagement pictures and drive up a rocky road to our wedding. She captured the emotion between us and when we look back on our pictures, we are reminded of the joy and love of that day. She gave us prompts during our photoshoot so that we expressed real emotion, which resulted in pictures capturing real reactions and a closer connection between my husband and I. We came back from both our wedding portrait session and engagement shoot feeling like we had been on an intimate date. And the results were breathtaking. I am normally very critical of myself in pictures, and can be really awkward in front of a camera, but Briana put us at ease and I am still obsessing over these pictures. I would not change one single thing about them. Briana not only took wonderful pictures, but she is a wonderful person. She is the type of person you would want at your wedding even if she weren’t photographing: kind, supportive, encouraging, and just fun. I cannot sing her praises enough. We love her, and can’t wait until our paths cross again.”

Katie A.


Briana is the most wonderful person. Communicating with her has been so seamless. Her responses are always thought out and come back quickly. She was so supportive throughout rescheduling both the engagement shoot and the wedding this year. From the very beginning, she has been genuine and loving. She likes to get to know you even before booking. Her process is so warm and wholesome. Our engagement shoot was a couple weeks ago. We spent the day adventuring with Briana. We had a blast. Eric and I were so comfortable the entire photoshoot. The way she encourages conversation to make the motions feel natural is true talent. My partner and I just received our engagement photos back in such a timely manner… and they are what magical dreams are made of. She captures pure love. SO excited to share them with family and friends. I have so much comfort, knowing she will capture our family in the truest form at the wedding next year.”

-Mason M.

FAQs & Answers From Our Maternity Photographer

How To Book A Session

Booking a maternity photography session with Briana Autran is easy and convenient. Simply reach out to her through the contact information provided on her website or give her a call. Briana will guide you through the process, discuss available dates, and answer any questions you may have. Once a date and time are confirmed, she will provide you with the necessary details to secure your session.

How Many Images Are Included

The number of images included in your maternity photography package depends on the package you choose. Briana offers different packages tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Package details, including the number of fully retouched, high-resolution images, are outlined on her website. Rest assured that Briana’s goal is to capture the essence of this special time, ensuring that you have an ample collection of beautiful images to cherish.

What To Do In Case Of Bad Weather

While we can’t control the weather, Briana understands the importance of capturing your maternity photographs in ideal conditions. In the event of bad weather, such as rain or extreme weather conditions, Briana will work closely with you to reschedule your session. She will provide alternative dates that work for both parties, ensuring that you have the opportunity to capture your maternity photographs in the best possible setting. Your comfort and safety are always a priority.

How To Prepare For The Session

To ensure a successful and enjoyable maternity photography session, Briana provides helpful guidance to help you prepare. She will offer suggestions on what to wear, taking into consideration your personal style and the location of the session. Additionally, she will provide tips on how to make the most of your session, including suggestions for poses and ways to express your emotions. Briana’s pre-session consultation will address any specific questions or concerns you may have, ensuring that you feel confident and ready for the session.

Can Family Members Be Included In The Session

Absolutely! Briana understands that the support and love of your family are an integral part of your pregnancy journey. Family members, including partners, siblings, and even furry friends, are welcome to join in the maternity photography session. These sessions provide an opportunity to capture the connection and joy shared with your loved ones during this special time. Briana will work with you to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and that the photographs beautifully portray the love and bond you share.

How To Handle Sensitive Topics Such As Stretch Marks Or Scars

Briana Autran approaches maternity photography with sensitivity and respect for your individuality. She understands that each expectant mother’s journey is unique, and her goal is to capture your true beauty, embracing every aspect of your pregnancy. If you have any concerns about specific areas, such as stretch marks or scars, feel free to discuss them with Briana during your pre-session consultation. She will listen attentively and work with you to create poses and angles that highlight your natural beauty and make you feel confident and empowered.

Briana Autran wants to ensure that you have a memorable and enjoyable maternity photography experience. By addressing these frequently asked questions, she aims to provide clarity and peace of mind as you embark on this special journey of capturing timeless memories.

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Book A Maternity Photographer in Asheville Today

Briana Autran is the premier maternity photographer in Asheville. With her expertise and artistic vision, your maternity journey will be beautifully captured, preserving these precious moments for all time.

Don’t delay in reserving your session!

Act now and schedule your maternity photography session in Asheville. This is your opportunity to commemorate the beauty and joy of your pregnancy. Call (989) 225-9930 to book your photoshoot with Briana.

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