briana autran

I believe I’m here to carve my own path and show others that they can too. I’m here to make people feel seen, loved, and cared for.

I fell in love with the art of photography when I started photographing the human experience. People in their spaces, people enjoying human connections with others, people sharing their songs and stories.

Photographing people in their form led me to photographing weddings. To me, weddings are a special event of celebration, love, happy people, and a day filled with so much joy with everyone that you care about most. Much like the way that history and stories were passed down through generations, there is so much to be shared and passed down through photographs so that the memory can live on forever. 

The feeling of being invited into the most intimate day of a human’s life is an honor and something I feel so incredibly grateful for. My approach to a wedding day is simple, quiet, and intentional. Your wedding day is about you and the connection to the loved ones around you. It shouldn’t feel like an all day photoshoot moving around from one place to another. It should be fluid and organic. The photos captured are always intended with an honest and artful approach. This is my humble gift to you.

I love to chase light, climb mountains, jump waterfalls, and feel the earth on my skin, I love those last moments of light just before the sun goes down and the sky is still glowing. I share a great appreciation for our beautiful planet and devote my life to exploring and taking care of it as much as I can in this lifetime. I believe that we are all connected to nature and can heal ourselves by spending time outdoors.

I am proud to serve everyone in love – I do not discriminate against race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, nationality, religion, cultures, gender identity, and expression. I am committed to welcoming all people into my life and into my art.

I want to serve you.

matt & briana

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