briana autran

I believe I’m here to carve my own path and inspire others to do the same. I enjoy bringing a sense of belonging to those around me, and my gift is allowing people to feel seen, loved, and cared for.

I fell deeply in love with the art of photography when I began capturing the essence of the human experience. It was in documenting people in their spaces, witnessing their connections with others, and hearing their songs and stories that my passion truly ignited.

What captivates me the most are those small, fleeting moments that often go unnoticed – those seemingly ordinary instances that we effortlessly glide through without a second thought. There is so much beauty there; so much of yourself is left in those movements and I find myself enamored by the parts of ourselves that reveal themselves within these humble actions.

However, I am equally captivated by the chaos of life – the belly laughs, the unplanned, the big extraordinary moments, and the bustling energy of the world around us. A wedding day, for instance, feels like an experiment where all your loved ones converge in a single space, creating a mosaic of joyous moments. I derive immense pleasure from observing the energy surrounding the room, and being able to freeze time with my documentation of moments.

Yet, how I perceive and capture these instances solely depends on the unique personalities of the individuals I work with. Each couple I encounter possesses their own distinctive energy, and my expertise lies in seamlessly adapting to their individuality. When you step in front of my camera, I strive to make the experience effortless and natural–I call it a fluid dance.

I love to chase light, climb mountains, jump waterfalls, and feel the earth on my skin, I love those last moments of light just before the sun goes down and the sky is still glowing. I greatly appreciate our beautiful planet and will spend my life exploring and caring for it as much as I can in this lifetime. I think being alive in our bodies is extraordinary, and I spend much of my time savoring all the juicy goodness life offers me. 

I am proud to serve everyone in love – I do not discriminate against race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, nationality, religion, cultures, gender identity, and expression. I am committed to welcoming all people into my life and into my art.

I want to serve you.

matt & briana

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