Engagement photoshoots are a great way to document and celebrate your relationship.

This photoshoot is meant to be playful, fun, intimate, and to have the opportunity to make something beautiful together.


As a wedding photographer, I want to know you on a deeper level. Engagement sessions can also be a great way for us to spend time together getting to know one another before your wedding day.

After photographing hundreds of engagements I decided to put together a list of a few things that I feel may help better prepare you for your engagement photoshoot.



#1 wardrobe

When choosing wardrobe colors, keep in mind that neutral colors tend to photograph best and look great on all skin tones. 

Pick an outfit that speaks to your personality. It is most important to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. If you are uncomfortable it will show on the camera.

Avoid picking outfits that will constantly need to be adjusted. I like to capture a lot of movement during my engagement photoshoots. It will be important that your clothes move with you.

Think of something classic and timeless. When you are looking back at these photos in 10 years you do not want them to age because of wardrobe.



Think of your engagement photoshoot as unique date. If you want to plan a picnic or dance to some love songs on a mountaintop, I am all for it! If eating tacos and drinking beer is more you’re thing-Let’s do it! Feel free to bring along whatever you will need to help you loosen up and forget about the camera.

Try to spend time with connecting with your partner hours before the photoshoot. Not only does it give you time to warm up romantically,  but will also allow you to meet your photographer feeling ready and relaxed. It will lighten up the mood and make for some really lovely imagery filled with lots of connection and love.

“When we took the pictures with Briana she immediately made us feel comfortable. She made the experience fun, and I was very anxious going into it. I can’t say enough about the photos she took. They are gorgeous and were exactly what my fiancé and I were hoping for. I feel very lucky to get to work with Briana would highly recommend them to anyone. And not to be missed, she is so nice and cool, just really wonderful to work with.”

“Briana didn’t just take pictures of us; she got to know us, laughed with us, and took shots of tequila with us. We had so much fun goofing off with her and each other that I pretty much forgot she was taking our picture. It was such a good time just spending the evening with her and my partner in nature, laughing and telling stories. I felt comfortable with her and in my own skin. When we got our photos. I was genuinely astounded at how perfect they turned out. We have never been authentically captured like this before, so full of love and personality. They aren’t just photos OF US, the photos ARE US.”

“Getting to know Briana has been an absolute blast. She’s so incredibly sweet and thoughtful, and truly cares about making sure she captures your day perfectly. She really gets to know you. Even though I was looking for a photographer, I feel like I also found a dear friend. Her presence is so warm and comfortable. It makes posing easy even when you’re incredibly camera shy like myself. She has the most fun prompts. It really allowed us to break loose and have so much fun during the process. I am also someone who loves to nitpick at her appearance, but when I saw the photos, I was speechless. I couldn’t bring myself to even think anything negative because I actually saw how lovely I looked. Briana is incredibly talented, and has mastered the art of capturing not just your outer beauty but also your inner beauty. That’s so incredibly powerful.”

I believe in looking like youself for your engagement photoshoot. Maybe a slightly elevated version of yourself–but I want you to feel comfotable and confident.
Hair and makeup can be how you wear it to work, on your day off, or as if you were going out on the town. If you want to bounce ideas around with me, I’m here for that!

hair &

the session

Be sure to eat before your photoshoot. This is very important. Many of our engagement sessions involve a hike to the photoshoot location–with drive time and camera time the entire experience can take a few hours.

If you are hangry during the session it could show in the final product. So grab a bite to eat at your favorite spot. Get drinks, relax, and have fun before we meet up for your photoshoot.

#5  location

Picking a location that you have some sort of connection to is really important. It can be a place where you like to  picnic, a hike you really enjoy together, brunch at home,  somewhere you have always wanted to visit, picking blueberries, biking, or canoeing.

The possibilities are endless. Let me know your interests and I can help brainstorm a location.
To see home examples of North Carolina engagement photoshoot locations click

Try to time your photoshoot around sunset. Golden hour is generally defined as the hour just before the sun sets.

This is a glorious and romantic time of day. Sunset not only photographs really well as it offers a diffused light, but also sets the mood for a dreamy evening with your partner in a stunning location.



Let me know before your engagement photoshoot if you have any personal concerns. As your photographer, I want you to get the absolute best result out of your  session with me.  This includes me wanting you to be thrilled with the final product.

If you are extremely nervous about having your photo taken, let me know and I can recommend some tips to take off some of the stress. 

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