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What is a Day

After Photoshoot?

Day-after photoshoots, or post wedding photo sessions as they are alternatively called, are gaining momentum in the trends department and for good reason! Many people are asking “What is a Day-After photoshoot?” Let me tell you what this photoshoot is all about. It is precisely what it sounds like: a photoshoot that takes place after the day of your wedding. These photography sessions generally take place the day after or a few days/weeks following your wedding day.

During your day-after photoshoot, the newlyweds will join their photographer at the place of their choosing, don their wedding garb once again and embark upon an intimate, quiet, and stress-free photo experience. We will have music, we will laugh, we will dance, and just have a really lovely time. Day-after sessions have become one of my favorite types of photoshoots due to their benefits for bride and photographer alike. In this article, I will attempt to lay out some of these benefits and you can decide for yourself if this type of session is right for you.


Some say that the worst part of getting married is that you only get to do it once. With a day after photoshoot, you may not get to tie the knot again, but you can relive some of the best parts of your big day: You get to wear your wedding dress again. You get to see your partner in their wedding garb again. The best part? You get to experience all of the loving emotions from that day all over again with the person you will spend the rest of your life with in a quiet serene setting.

day after photoshoot


On your wedding day, we want you to spend as much time as possible being present with your guests. We want your wedding to feel organic and we don’t want to keep you from your guests for too long. Most couples photos happen during cocktail hour just following the wedding ceremony, family portraits, and wedding party photos. If you schedule your day-after photoshoot this means your photographer will only need you for about 10 minutes to get a few couples photos at the venue. More time enjoying moments with all of your people.


Odds are, you won’t have time to hike a mountain on your wedding day. If you schedule a day-after session with your photographer we can take those dramatic photos at a location you love. Some of our favorite dreamy locations are mountain tops, a field of flowers, waterfalls, or a place that is special to you.
We know that you have put a lot of thought into reserving a beautiful venue for your ceremony and portraits. As photographers, we believe that gorgeous backdrops at your ceremony site are very important. We also believe that the experience of a day after session will be a memorable one.

“Getting to know Briana has been an absolute blast. She’s so incredibly sweet and thoughtful, and truly cares about making sure she captures your day perfectly. She really gets to know you. Even though I was looking for a photographer, I feel like I also found a dear friend. Her presence is so warm and comfortable. It makes posing easy even when you’re incredibly camera shy like myself. She has the most fun prompts. It really allowed us to break loose and have so much fun during the process. I am also someone who loves to nitpick at her appearance, but when I saw the photos, I was speechless. I couldn’t bring myself to even think anything negative because I actually saw how lovely I looked. Briana is incredibly talented, and has mastered the art of capturing not just your outer beauty but also your inner beauty. That’s so incredibly powerful.”

“When we took the pictures with Briana she immediately made us feel comfortable. She made the experience fun, and I was very anxious going into it. I can’t say enough about the photos she took. They are gorgeous and were exactly what my fiancé and I were hoping for. I feel very lucky to get to work with Briana would highly recommend them to anyone. And not to be missed, she is so nice and cool, just really wonderful to work with.”

“Briana didn’t just take pictures of us; she got to know us, laughed with us, and took shots of tequila with us. We had so much fun goofing off with her and each other that I pretty much forgot she was taking our picture. It was such a good time just spending the evening with her and my partner in nature, laughing and telling stories. I felt comfortable with her and in my own skin. When we got our photos. I was genuinely astounded at how perfect they turned out. We have never been authentically captured like this before, so full of love and personality. They aren’t just photos OF US, the photos ARE US.”


Sometimes on wedding day, time gets away from you. The timeline is hardly ever executed perfectly. When that happens it is usually the time allotted for the bride and groom photos that take the hit. You still get plenty of quality photos but it can feel rushed. This can stifle some of your inspiration for the photos that you might want. We don’t want to rush you through anything and especially this portion of the day. We want to leave you with beautiful, iconic, photos that make you feel something. With a day-after session, you have all the time in the world to let loose. I can really take the time to work with you and dive in and get some lovely photos of the two of you connecting, loving on each other, laughing, and showing your genuine personality. Not only will you have the time to be creative, but you will have a peaceful, stress-free setting in which to actuate that creativity and really lean into some romantic photos of you and your partner.


If you love the idea of an elopement but have decided to go with a more traditional approach to your wedding day then why not have the best of both worlds and book your day-after session/post wedding session with your photographer so you can have an elopement style experience.

At the end of the day, day-after wedding photography sessions are a completely optional yet convenient add-on to your wedding photography experience. The best way to view this type of session is a way to remove stress from not only the planning stage of the wedding but also on the big day itself. Brides have so much to worry about leading up to and during the wedding. Having a bride and groom portrait safety net can take a lot of weight off of your shoulders. So whether you are the type of bride that plans out every minute of your wedding day, to the bride that just wants to go with the flow, consider adding on a day-after wedding photoshoot to your wedding package. Any remember, these sessions do not have to be booked on the actual day after your wedding, we could book them for a few days or even a few weeks after your wedding. Let me know what will work best for you.

It isn’t a secret that sunrise and sunset is the best time of day for photos. The light is soft, romantic, and will work with us instead of against us. Since the sun is low in the sky it makes for the most flattering light to photograph portraits, giving off warmth to skin tones, and nice overall diffused light that avoids harsh shadows on the face.
Most of the time it is challenging to plan portraits around the time the sun is setting on your wedding day.
Booking a day-after session will ensure your couples photos to have the best light possible.