Northern Michigan Wedding

Photographing Katie and Devin’s wedding was such a fun affair. We started early and it was pouring when I arrived to the little cottage where all the girls were getting ready. Despite the rain, Katie was in good spirits. She wasn’t going to let anything ruin her day. Part of the reason why this wedding was so fun was because I got my own personal golf cart for the entire day. I was able to cruse around to the three different sites that were all within close proximity.

The rain seemed to break throughout the day at the most perfect times. We were able to have the ceremony outside and right when it ended the rain started pouring again. While the guests went to the main lodge for cocktail hour the entire bridal party and I huddled under the large outdoor tent that was set up for the reception. Katie had purchased dome umbrellas for everyone so we decided to trudge out with those to stay dry. As were were taking photos the rain let up again and we ditched the umbrellas and were able to get some really great shots with everyone being silly and having fun.

This wedding was filled with a lot of laughter and Katie and Devin were so great to photograph. We were able to find some really lovely locations nearby the reception site for their bride and groom photos. I hope you enjoy looking at these wedding photos just as much as I enjoyed documenting it.