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I understand that you probably have never planned a wedding before or reached out to hire a wedding photographer. Never hesitate to come to me with anything that is on your mind or that you are unsure about.  In any event here are some frequently asked questions that brides usually ask when planning their wedding day. Please get in touch with me here if your question is not on this list.


What does a wedding photographer cost in Asheville?

It depends on what you are looking for! You can expect a wedding photographer in Asheville to cost anywhere between $2,500-$6,000 for a full day of photography coverage. Prices will depend on the photographer and the business they run. If you are eloping or having a small intimate wedding prices can be much lower.

When you are looking for a photographer in Asheville be sure to ask them if they have insurance and what their photo backup system is after the wedding. These are two really important things that are worth spending a little bit more on for the right photographer on your wedding day.

How far in advance do I have to book a wedding photographer?

A year in advance to book your wedding photography is perfect if possible!

What are some of the best locations for an engagement session?

It depends on what you and your fiance are interested in. Choosing a location that you are connected to is really important. It could be a place that you two visit often or just a place that you think is really beautiful. However if you are looking for something new and exciting, my favorite places are mountain tops and waterfalls located off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

What are your turnaround times for different types of sessions?

Engagement photography photoshoots are delivered two weeks after the session date and wedding photography is delivered 6 - 8 weeks after your wedding date.

What is the posing process during weddings and engagement sessions?

I will guide and direct you during the entire session but I like to photograph my couples candidly. After I give you a pose suggestion that feels comfortable to you I will give you a physical or verbal prompt such as something to whisper to each other to bring out intimate or silly reactions. I strive to catch that little spark that happens right before a kiss or a giggle. Those are the real moments and real connections that couples share and they should be documented.

What should I wear for my engagement session?

Clothing can make or break imagery. It is really important. I always encourage my couples to wear what makes them feel the most comfortable. If you don’t feel confident in your clothing selection, it will show in the photographs.

Choosing clothing that is classic and timeless is really important. Neutral or muted colors are always great against the North Carolina Mountains. Once you book with me I will send you some wardrobe inspiration and we can chat a little more in depth about clothing options.

How should I prepare for my engagement photoshoot?

Think of your engagement photoshoot as a really unique date. If bringing along a picnic or popping a bottle of wine during the photoshoot will make you feel more comfortable, let’s do it! Let me know if you have any favorite songs that you and your fiancé just love. I can play them during the photoshoot to help you relax and be present. I wrote an article about how to prepare for your engagement photoshoot. Check it out here.

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been photographing people, love, and the human experience for about six years. I’ve been in business full time for four years.

Are you strictly based in Asheville, North Carolina? Do you ever travel for photography sessions?

I’m based in Asheville but absolutely love to travel. If you are interested in me traveling to you, please get in touch. If you are planning a photoshoot or wedding at a destination that I could use for my portfolio, I may discount or waive travel fees. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

How many photographs do you deliver for weddings?

It depends on how many hours of photography coverage you book with me. I don’t really have a specific number because each wedding is so different.  I promise to deliver more than enough images for you to remember your wedding day. I do not withhold any images to try and get you to buy more, everything is included with your package. I will document your memories in a beautiful way and share all the images with you so you can remember your day for a lifetime.

Do you give RAW images upon request?

No, I do not offer the RAW images. Most computers will not even be able to process RAW images without a photo program. I like to color correct and add a little magic to the photos. I promise not to leave any special memories out. If you think I missed something, please reach out. I do make mistakes, but I’m always happy to go back through my backups and send you something you didn’t see in your final gallery.

How do payments work?

Your final payments are split into three equal payments. The first is due with the signing of your wedding contract. Second payment is due four months before your wedding and the third is due two months before your wedding. If you need a payment plan that fits better for your budget, just let me know. I’m flexible and happy to work with you.

Can you photoshop things we are self conscious about?

Please let me know before your wedding day or engagement photoshoot what you are self conscious about so I can be aware of that while posing you. I am all about loving yourself and really would like my work to reflect a self-love movement. I will not alter you in any way. I do clear up blemishes, bruises, and things that are not on your body on a regular basis.

What if we need to cancel or reschedule?

If you already put a retainer down for your wedding date you will legally not be able to get that money back as that is insurance for holding your date that I otherwise would have been able to book.

If you are rescheduling your engagement photoshoot due to bad weather there is no fee for a reschedule.

Do you offer discounts?

Not Usually, But I understand that everyone’s budget is different and I respect that. I may offer a discount for a small wedding, a weekday elopement, or a wedding booked in my off season. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Do you offer videography?

I do not but I know some really great videographers and would love to recommend them to you.

What happens if some unforeseen circumstance keeps you from making our wedding?

I would absolutely hate to miss your wedding and (knock on wood) it has never happened to me but if something out of my control (extreme illness, unforeseen circumstances, death etc,) I would do my absolute best to find you a replacement photographer. Luckily I am friends with a lot of talented photographers and also in many online photography groups that pass work around in these kinds of circumstances--so I got you. If for some odd reason I am unable to find you a replacement, all of your money paid would absolutely be refunded.

How much do you charge for travel?

I don’t have a set fee. I love traveling for weddings and engagement photoshoots so I just require my flight, transportation, and stay to be covered. I don’t mind staying with family, in your airbnb, or camping to be able to save money. Just let me know what you are thinking and what your budget is and I promise we can make something work.

Can you help me plan my wedding?

I work in the wedding industry so this means I know how everything works. I can recommend vendors, venues, locations for portrait sessions, lighting times, etc. Just let me know what I can do to help make this process easier for you.

Will you visit the venue prior to my wedding day?

If you would feel more comfortable with me visiting a local venue before your wedding day then absolutely, yes. I don’t mind taking a week day afternoon to do this. If it isn’t important for me to visit  prior to your wedding day then on your wedding day I always show up to a new venue at least an hour before I start photographing to get acquainted with the grounds and plan our spots for portraits.

Have more questions? Get in touch with me! I’d love to chat more!