Madeira Beach, Florida Couples Photoshoot | St. Petersburg Photographer

We got the chance to photograph Kelsey and Nate spending an evening together at Madeira Beach in St. Petersburg, Florida. I have been instagram friends with Kelsey and was so stoked when we planned to meet up in real life and do this beach photoshoot. I felt like I knew Kelsey and Nate very well since following them on instagram for over a year. I knew that they were both silly and not afraid to to let loose and have fun together. I wanted to encourage playfulness and laughter during the photoshoot.

The golden hour sun peering through the cobalt blue clouds of a passing Florida storm provided a vibrant orange glow to the beach and its occupants. The happy couple melted together in front of my camera effortlessly while playing in the water, running down the beach, embracing each other and just being themselves. We quickly formed a bond with Nate and Kelsey and the entire shoot just felt like a beach day with close friends.

Briana Autranst