Blue Ridge Parkway Photoshoot

We met up with Katie and Nathan for their engagement session on the Blue Ridge Parkway as June was ending. They are locals to North Carolina and have spent a lot of time in Asheville and on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trail we chose is one of their all-time favorite hikes. After short introductions, we started up with our sights on the second mountain bald on the trail.

Hiking up, we found that we had a lot in common with Katie and Nathan and the conversation flowed easily. By the time we were ready to begin the session, photographer and subjects alike were relaxed, in good spirits, and the rest came naturally. The session soared by as Katie and Nathan expressed their love for one another in their own unique fashion.
We always try our best to connect with our clients during the photoshoot but these two made it easy on us. They melted into each other so naturally, and beautifully. I’m so excited to share these photographs with you.


Briana Autran