Mountain Engagement Photoshoot in Asheville

I am constantly blown away by the backdrops that the Blue Ridge Parkway and Asheville offer us for engagement photoshoots. We truly live in a beautiful place. 

Photographing your engagement photoshoot in front of mountains or waterfalls, or just somewhere in nature sets the tone for a peaceful experience. I feel like my couples can relax and enjoy the company of each other while I’m photographing them. 

If you decide to book your engagement photoshoot in the mountains I like to meet down at the trailhead and then hike together. This allows us to spend some time together chatting and getting to know one another before I photograph you. I will get to know more about your personality and get a good feel of what you like and do not like before posing and directing you. 

During your engagement photoshoot I will guide you through the entire session and suggest simple, natural poses, give you physical prompts and things to whisper to each other while I’m photographing you. We may run, dance, but we will mostly laugh. The ultimate goal is for you to forget about the camera, enjoy each other, while I catch that caught-off-guard expression, or tiny little spark you and your partner may share for a split second in between prompts. I love capturing those little moments. Those are the organic moments that mean the most. 

If you have any questions about your upcoming engagement photoshoot click here. I would love to chat with you more and hear your story!

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