Lineville Gorge Engagement Photography

We have found ourselves making the trip to Linville Falls more and more recently for our sessions. With the closures on the Blue Ridge Parkway seemingly having no end in site, couples that have chosen locations there have had to choose from other locations and Hawksbill Mountain has been the unanimous choice.

Again we met our couple at the little diner in Linville Falls about twenty minutes from the trailhead in order for them to follow us up. Ariel and Alen are high school sweethearts that have decided to tie the knot after nine years of being together. This shoot had an added bonus of a furry friend tagging along in their Shepadoodle named Snoopy. The trail was on the soupy side due to recent rains but nevertheless we made it to the summit in good time.

While still breezy and chilly, the summit was a bit warmer than the previous two sessions we had there. The sky was filled with wispy, long strands of clouds that criss-crossed like interlaced fingers across the horizon as the sun slowly descended behind the ever-so-lovely Linville Gorge.

I cannot find the words to describe the majestic sunset that we enjoyed that could begin to do it justice. As the sun gave its last glance over the ridgeline, the sky turned to fire with hues of orange, red, and gold playing off of the aforementioned wispy clouds. Of the many sunsets we have had the joy of witnessing at this location, this one might very well have been the most  mesmerizing.

Ariel and Alen wore their boots and active gear up the trail but came well prepared with complimenting outfits. They even had a sign for their four-legged family member to wear that read, “My humans are getting married!” Ariel wore a lovely flowing dress and decide to forego her heels for a barefoot stroll over the craggy rocks. Again we finished up the session with ring photos with the breathtaking colors of the horizon against the darkening mountains providing the background.

My biggest struggle with these posts is keeping them brief. I feel as if I could write pages upon pages on each one as we have been blessed with wonderful couples, weather, scenery, and conversation for so long now. I hope you enjoy the read and the photos of this session as much as we did documenting it. As our season winds down we find ourselves going on these adventures later and later into the colder months and we hope it never ends!