Max Patch Adventure Photoshoot

Rachel contacted me early last year about her small wedding in Greenville, South Carolina. I learned that and she and her partner, Justin had already married. They had a courthouse wedding years ago. Justin is in the Armed Forces and they never got the chance to have a traditional wedding. Rachel and Justin finally have a chance to celebrate their love and are planning an intimate wedding at Pretty Place in Greenville, South Carolina where they will be surrounded by their most cherished loved ones.

They live in Panama, FL and had major damage to their home due to the recent hurricane season, all the while planning their destination wedding. They took a trip to the Asheville a few weeks ago to get away and relax after their tough year. They wanted to explore the mountains and spend some time alone.

We met up at Max Patch for this session. On the way to the mountain, it started pouring rain even though the forecast did not call for it. If you have ever been to Max Patch, the route up is a stretch of curvy, dirt mountain roads. It is important to drive slow especially in rainy conditions.

The rain eventually stopped and we had an absolutely lovely evening roaming around Max Patch. We started on the lower portion of the mountain, took some photographs and then made our way up to the top. The air was warm for early February in the mountains with a slight breeze. As it had just finished raining, we enjoyed beautiful cloud formations and a sky that was at once, both a wild blue and gravel grey. Rachel and Justin have a really special bond and it was so very fun for me to document this special and relaxing time during their mountain vacation.