Blue Ridge Parkway Adventure Engagement Photoshoot

It was a foggy, chilly afternoon as we drove up highway 215 towards the Blue Ridge Parkway. Due to the winter closures of the parkway we were taking the long way up from Asheville to meet Lindsay and Tom at the trailhead for Black Balsam Knob. However, when we reached the parkway we found that it was closed. The closure was very unexpected as it was not listed on the map when we checked prior to departure. We would later find out that it had closed during the recent snow storm and had not yet reopened due to the government shut-down. We needed a plan B, and quick.

Luckily the drive on 215 from Canton up to the parkway is gorgeous in and of itself with many little stop offs, trails, and scenic spots. Once Lindsay and Tom caught up with us at the gated off parkway, we recommended a plan to convoy back down 215, stopping at any and all pull-offs that caught our fancy. Lindsay and Tom were unphased with the minor setback and were more than game for the unexpected adventure as we set off down the road.

On our way back down to Canton we made four different stops, spending between fifteen to twenty minutes at each one: We stopped at a stretch of highway that curved down to a backdrop of mountain side with wisps of cloud accentuating. We tarried a bit Sunburst Falls right off the highway that was full and ferocious due to recent rainfall. We shot at a scenic portion of the East Fork of the Pigeon River just south of Lake Logan before wrapping up at the lake itself right at sundown.

Lindsay and Tom were the perfect subjects for their engagement shoot. Not only were they able to roll with the changes, it seemed to excite them. They were bubbly and full of laughter and love for each other. There was never any room for awkward pauses between poses because they were content being in their own little world together and that made our jobs all the more easy. It was as if we were not even there and they were on their own romantic tour of the East Fork and that was okay by us!