Downtown Asheville Engagement Photography

Sherry and Phil wanted to do their couples session in downtown Asheville because that is a place they both cherish. They have spent a lot of their time together downtown during date nights and Sunday morning brunches.

It was a chilly and cloudy day but we had a great time despite the weather. We met up at the Battery Park Book Exchange and got a coffee and discussed our plan of hitting a few downtown spots. We walked around the bookstore and grabbed a few photos here and there. We were told we weren’t allowed to photograph inside the bookstore so we made our way outside. I was happy that we were able to at least grab a few photos while we were inside enjoying coffee.

We wrapped up in a parking lot with ivy covered walls. It was not difficult to photograph Sherry and Phil as they have infectious love for one another. They laughed and giggled the entire time making it hard not to get a good shot. Sherry’s smile is just beautiful and one that I will never forget.