Blue Ridge Mountain Adventure Engagement Photography

More often than not as an engagement photographer, the engagement shoot is the first meeting between yourself and your clients. There are so many things to be nervous about. You hope the clients like you. You hope that you vibe well enough that the shot goes smoothly. You hope that you can make the subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera, and that with a little luck, they might be return clients. When we met this lovely couple at our usual meeting spot in Linville Falls we knew right away that they would not only be comfortable in front of the camera, but that we might actually come away with new friends.

The sky was devoid of clouds as we reached the top of Hawksbill Mountain and the light was still very stark. In order to kill some time before reaching the golden hour, we listened to some music on our portable speaker, chatted about music and their impending nuptials, and snapped a few photos in the shade provided by the unique pine trees that scatter the area in between and around the craggy rocks.

Once enough time had passed and the lighting was right the shoot went into full effect. Maddie and Harrison were a complete dream to shoot. They were engaging, bubbly, light, and full of spirit. We could tell that they were beautiful people inside and out. Maddie even went out of her way to offer to take photos of other couples enjoying the sunset. We wrapped up the session with ring shots as the cloudless sky turned an ethereal cotton candy purple and pink.

It is always a joy to be reminded that when the couple in front of the camera is as awesome as these two were, that work becomes play, clients become potential friends, and the fun of it all becomes a testament as to why we do this in the first place.

Maddie’s dress is from: Vici and her boots are from J.Crew.
Harrisons sweater and shirt is from: Peter Miller