Linville Gorge, North Carolina Engagement

I was really excited to photograph Agnes and Jeff. We had skyped months prior when they booked me for their wedding. Skyping with clients always gives my introverted self a little anxiety but right away I felt at ease talking to them face to face as they sat in their Seattle home.

A few weeks before they traveled to Asheville for their engagement session Agnes sent me a link with some dress options for her. It was so nice to collaborate with her to choose the perfect wardrobe for the session. We decided on this lovely mustard colored dress from Anthropologie. It was perfect for the palette of the mountains during the month of late November.

Agnes and Jeff met up with us at the diner in Linville Falls that we use as a coordination spot before shoots due to its proximity to the Hawksbill Mountain trailhead. After we met they followed behind in their car to the little parking area at the bottom of the trail and we started up.

Agnes carried a stunning bouquet all the way up the mountain on the hike. Beforehand she had her hair and makeup done by Rayna from Slay for Beauty. We had to be careful on the trek up as the trail was especially muddy due to the recent thaw and subsequent runoff of water down the mountainside.

Even though the summit is reliably cold and windy the leeward side of the mountain was unusually warm. By the time we reached the top we had to take some time to cool off before getting started. Once we got underway, Jeff and Agnes jumped right in and totally embraced the feel of the shoot. Even though we all were frigid, they made it work by putting on jackets in between poses with a little help from the woven blanket. They laughed and loved and huddled together against the wind making for a very intimate and snuggly engagement session.

Sometimes conditions at a session might not be totally ideal but I have come to find out that adversity and minor inconveniences can make for some very interesting and endearing photographs.