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A Downtown Wedding in Raleigh, North Carolina

As the vibrant colors of autumn draped over the Blue Ridge Mountains like a cozy homemade quilt, we took a trip to Raleigh, North Carolina to document the wedding of Kelsey and Michael at a wonderful little venue called The Stockroom at 230. The Stockroom at 230 resides in downtown Raleigh on the second floor of the Carolina Trust building, a historic commercial building that was constructed right at the turn of the 20th century. As such, its decor follows that vibe with plenty of exposed brick, vaulted lattice ceilings and large market style lights. It also has plenty of natural light and room to accommodate up to 200 guests. The venue offers a full bar, catering, and a variety of decor options to make your wedding unique. The Stockroom 420 also has a stage for a DJ or live band and a dance floor. For a wedding photographer, the Stockroom 420 offers a great backdrop for stunning photos. You can take traditional shots of the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the guests, as well as capture beautiful photos of the venue‘s interior. With its modern style, the Stockroom 420 provides an ideal setting for a stylish and memorable wedding day.As an added bonus, the space is nestled in the bustling center of downtown Raleigh surrounded by numerous shops, galleries, and restaurants.

We began by photographing Kelsey and the girls getting ready in “The Glass Box”, the venue’s fifth floor suite which is exactly how it sounds: a rooftop studio with windows for walls and a wonderful view of surrounding Raleigh. Once Kelsey had donned her stunning wedding gown and the girls were ready, the party made its way down to The Stockroom where Michael was waiting. 

The couple said their wedding vows in the ethereal light of the Stockroom in a lovely ceremony officiated by one of Michael’s best friends. After the kiss, the two walked back down the aisle hand in hand as their closest friends and their families cheered them on. After the ceremony we took the couple out on the town to take some photographs of their tender love as they held hands down the sidewalk and showcased their love in some of the more private alcoves of the city blocks. After their intimate couples session, the pair made their way back to The Stockroom where they danced the night away with their attended guests to the music of a supremely talented live band. 

We loved visiting Raleigh, North Carolina for this wedding and hope to be back one day!

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